Ma bucur nespus cand oameni/companii despre care citesc pe Mashable ajung in .ro. Iar Synqera ajunge la retailArena!

Mai ales ca ce fac ei este revolutionar, ba chiar un pic freaky (dpdv privacy):

Synqera, a Russian point-of-sale analytics and loyalty startup founded in 2010, uses tablets mounted to kiosks that sync people’s facial emotions and personalize shopping. The devices are placed at the front of retail stores, like markets or drug store chains, to help customers coming in make decisions and on their way out when they want to pay.

Sensors on the machine scan a customer’s items to see exactly what you’re getting, or based on your appearance, what you may want to purchase. Based on time of day, season or mood, Synqera offers promotional offers. The service then collects data on what you buy to predict offers you may be interested in purchasing on subsequent visits.

For example, Synqera might offer someone over the age of 21 a discount on a bottle of whiskey at the checkout counter on a Friday night, especially if he looks lonely (or, conversely, ready for a fun night out). If it recognizes you as angry, it won’t offer you anything at all. It also recommends incentives and extras such as product location maps, recipes, coupons and eco-friendly alternatives.

how about that? ;))