Ca tot povesteam ieri despre Tiger Global, am dat de un story foarte interesat, privind investitiile pe care le face in India: Tiger Global in talks with Nestaway and Zo Rooms to invest $10M-$15M in each firm

Doar cateva idei:

Tiger Global’s $600 million investments in India this year account for nearly two-fifths of the $1.6 billion raised by domestic technology and ecommerce companies.


Tiger Global has been able to establish itself as the go-to investor for startups in the country, steered by Lee Fixel, the co-head of its PE and VC investing arm.

Lee Fixel este managerul de fond care in 2007 investea atat in eJobs si in Neogen, iar profilul sau realizat de Forbes in cadrul Midas List (de care povesteam si saptamana trecuta) si storyul asta din Bloomberg spun foarte multe despre evoluatia sa din 2006 de cand lucreaza pentru Tiger (investitii notabile: Facebook, Linkedin, Survey Monkey, Quora, in Rusia, etc.).

Legat de India, ultima idee si cireasa de pe tort este:

“Tiger Global comes in, invests $10 million and calls it a seed deal,”said the managing partner of a Bengaluru-based venture capital firm, declining to be identified. “Where does that leave an investor like me?”


Sursa foto: Wikimedia Commons