De departe, cea mai plastica referire la ceea ce s-a intamplat pe Wall-Street saptamana aceasta. Si asta desi joi si vineri s-a inregistrat cea mai puternica revenire a DJIA din ’87 incoace.

Pe am gasit chiar si un scurt ghid pentru antreprenori – Supravietuirea in timpul crizei, pe care vi-l recomand, mai ales ca e foarte scurt – are doar 3 puncte. Punctul 3 este poate cel mai interesant:

#3. Do Less. This may sound obvious, but it really is a huge mental shift for most entrepreneurs. You were hired to get your business huge or move on to the next new thing. When times are good this makes sense. But right now even great businesses will have a hard time growing. If you continue with growth as your sole objective, you will spend yourself out of existence and won’t have the chance to prove yourself when the economy returns.