New York Times intentioneaza sa introduca noi tipuri de abonamente, cu preturi mai mici, datorita incetinirii cresterii numarului de abonati:

New offerings in development include a lower-priced paid product providing The Times’s “most important and interesting stories”; lower-cost packages focused around subjects such as politics, technology, opinion, the arts and food; and a more expensive product that would include “extras” such as access to Times events.

Earlier this week The Times said it is exempting its online videos from its pay wall, suggesting that they aren’t driving enough subscriptions or attracting enough views under the current system. (via AdAge)

Apropo, scurt exercitiu de imaginatie — voi ce ati alege? (1) ZFCorporate (2,200 EUR/an), sau (2) un abonament all inclusive la (~ 348 EUR) si unul la (238 EUR) si ati mai economisi si peste 1600 EUR?