… sau ce se va intampla intr-o lume in care 90% din informatie a fost generata in ultimii 2 ani, prin ochii lui Ron Conway (unul dintre primi investitori in GoogleAsk Jeeves and PayPal), via The Economist:

  • the current and future crop of talented young entrepreneurs will build applications enabling deeper connections between users and the world around them;
  • as social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter integrate further with other services, your friends and followers, the people you align yourself with, can provide content with improved depth; more applications with this social aspect at the heart of the product [will come to life];
  • perhaps 2012 will see a company develop a $1 billion business inside 12 months;
  • processing the data faster or combining the data to create better information represents an enormous opportunity for start-ups across the globe (kudos, Matei!);
  • there is a growing movement of people who are more interested in renting and not buying: accessing and not owning.